Advanced interactive video layers – in minutes!

Coolix enables publishers and advertisers to easily create, manage and publish advanced interactive video layer in minutes. Simply plug and play. No need for R&D, Creative, VFX experts or any other 3rd party professionals.



Transform Your Video Ads Into A Shopping Experience

Are you investing a lot on video advertising but not seeing enough sales?

Do you see a big gap between ad views and conversions?

Are you looking to boost your online store visits and ROI?

Double your store visits with Coolix

Use the Coolix interactive layer to transform your video ad into an on-screen store – converting viewers instantly into shoppers. Customers simply click on the video ad, specify what they want to buy, and go straight to the check out!


Amplify Your Video Content Engagement

Need to increase page visits without compromising the user experience?

Want an easy way to gamify your content?

Looking to increase the average view time of your editorial content?

Create greater engagement with Coolix

The Coolix interactive platform gives viewers a futuristic,
fun and interactive experience that encourages them to stay longer on your site.

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